Sunday, 20 November 2011

German School Christmas Fair

Hello, Hannah here,
I have had a GREAT weekend...
well today I went to the German School Christmas Fair with my Mummy. I bought one thing that was my favourite, it was....... The Angel I got with my birthstone on it, the stone is the same colour as my favourite colour, GREEN!

I love it so much that I want to put it on my christmas tree. I asked my mummy to buy a bigger christmas tree next year.
When we got home we set everything up that I bought to show my daddy and then we started our arts and crafts. I made lots of angels, with feathers and pinecones and a wreath.

This is the creature my mummy made for me!

hope you like them,
Goodnight from

Sock Dolls!

Yesterday I went to a Christmas Fair at a School near my house. I bought a Sock Doll from a table that uses the money they earn to buy food and cook for people in need. Here he is...

At home we decided to try to make one ourselves, so that he would not be lonely. We used one of my dad's NEW socks. (Hee,Hee). I helped to stuff the doll and sew the sleeping bag they share. I had a great time and might even make another one today.
While trying to take pictures my cats decided to get in the way of the camera, it was pretty funny!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

New La-La Land Stamps

So excited to play with these new digital stamps tonight...
You can see them at La-La Land Crafts

Saturday, 5 November 2011


Today I used a book I had borrowed from the school library to bake a new treat...Lamingtons.
The Book is called "The Usborne Little Around the World Cookbook."  It is a little book full of fun and unusual foods and recipes. According to the book Lamingtons are very popular in Australia. They have a lovely chocolate icing that is sprinkled with coconut. I think I used a little too much icing, but "oh, they are soooooooo Good!"


See you next time!

Sunday, 12 June 2005

A Little Look and Life

Well I've looked at life from both sides now and I must say I definately like the photos organised and ready to print/prune/publish side of life.
I have spent quite some time organising photos that have not managed to find their way into albums since Hannah's first birthday party! I have at least five albums on the go at once. This backtracking is a nightmare, but once I am caught up I will be thrilled!
If you happen to have any photos you think should go into any one of Hannah's albums just let me know! I have taken a liking to Walmart's email photo service and can send them for print pretty quickly!!
Anyhoo! this is my first entrance into the world of bloging, hope it helps keep you all up to date!